GBWhatsApp Download APK (Official) Latest Version 2023

Gb Whatsapp is the modified version of WhatsApp. It offers several improved features. If you want to install this new version, you don’t need to delete WhatsApp first. Several applications are available on the market, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With its features, WhatsApp is quite popular. It is a useful app with plenty of functions for users.

GBWhatsApp is one of the most popular MODs. Among Android users who want to use an enhanced version of WhatsApp. You will also discover another MOD based on it: You can use WhatsApp with this app and access many features. That is not available in the official chat app. Including the ability to change the interface’s fonts, themes, and backgrounds.

The GBWhatsApp provides a tonne of features. Like revealing your real location, examining your conversations, and auto-replying to messages.

Compared to other social networking apps for Android users. This one offers you a lot more features. It quickly allows two people to use the phone and offers all the benefits. But unlike other app copies, It has no RAM-related drawbacks or storage problems. And, it is simple for everyone to install and use.

GBWhatsApp Download

What is WhatsApp?

You can call and chat online with friends and family. Using the well-known and popular WhatsApp application. This application is available on PCs and works on mobile devices. To use this app. You must have a mobile phone number. This is the best application if you like socializing and want to call your friends for free. It is entirely free to download. And use this application because there are no costs involved in downloading it. You can create groups with more than 100 members. And update your status, and share media files with your friends to stay in contact.

What is GB Whatsapp Download?

This app is a famous WhatsApp messenger modification. That offers its users the features. That is not included in the basic version. If you regularly use WhatsApp for communication. But find the features to be insufficient for you. Then this application is just for you.

Details of GBWhatsapp APK Download

App NameGBWhatsapp App
CategoryApplication (Android)
Total Downloads5,4785,54
Size69.9 MB
VersionLatest Version 2023
Last UpdateRecently Updated (1 day ago)
Root RequirementNo Required
Requirement for Gb WhatsAppAndroid 5.1+

Features of GBWhatsapp App

The following are the features of GB WhatsApp app:

Messages disappear

GB WhatsApp Download communications often stay on our phones forever. Even while it’s good to hold cherished memories from friends and family. Most of the things we send don’t need to keep forever. There is an option for disappearing messages. You can use this option. If you don’t want to keep your messages safe for a long time.

New storage management tool

You can easily clean your chats of the endlessly sent texts, images, and videos.

Advance search tool

The user can now only filter the search using images. Music, GIFs, videos, documents, and links using the advanced search tool.

Animated stickers

WhatsApp stickers are amazing at expressing feelings. They’re one of the features that are growing the most.

QR codes

You can now scan someone’s QR code to add them to your contacts after meeting them.

GB WhatsApp Unlimited Premium Features

Download the latest version of GB WhatsApp APK for android and enjoy the unlimited premium features

Dark mode

Use the Dark Mode theme to give your eyes some relief with gb whatsapp download apk. While giving your phone a fresh appearance.

Broadcast messages

Sending broadcast text messages to groups is a fantastic feature. That is available.

Filter Messages

The GB version has a message filter function. That allows users to delete chats as well as filter messages.

Cancel the messages

This app has a function that allows you to cancel messages.

Live Location sharing

The users of this premium version can share their current location with others using download gb whatsapp.

Wonderful Effects

When sharing photographs and videos with friends and family. Users can apply amazing and distinctive effects.

Delete several emails all at once

This is possible to delete several emails pictures and videos all at once.

Official Certification

GBWhatsApp is a Security verified

Use it with full trust

Maximum picture upload

You can now send more than 90 photographs at once as compared to the official WhatsApp app. Additionally, you can send 100 MB of data and 50 MB of video clips.

Unlimited themes

GB Whatsapp downloading version also includes Unlimited Themes. Your phone has a tonne of awesome themes and emojis. That you can use it any way you want. You can also download the FMWhatsApp.

Status Download

This application allows you to download images and videos posted by other contacts.

Amazing Fonts

Tired of outdated fonts? You can now use this feature to choose the desired font. This feature allows you to choose your desired fonts.

Check the history of messages

You can now check the history of messages. That you removed from your contacts’ and groups’ inboxes.

Switch contacts

Increase or decrease a contact’s visibility in your gallery.

GBWhatsApp Screenshots
Download GB WhatsApp APK

Delete unread messages

You can mark messages as read right from the notification.

Pick all chats

With this app, you are able to choose all chats at once from the home screen.

Hide status

You have the option of hiding your status, including voice recording.

Best picture quality

You can send high-resolution images with this premium version.

Log record

Users can also view the log history for each of their contacts.


The ability to choose your preferred default language. It is another excellent feature of this app.


This app notifies you whenever a contact list member updates their profile photo.


A very popular and in-demand mod of WhatsApp is GBWA APK. Many features and functions offered by GBWA are absent from the original version. Users can explore a variety of features. Including auto-reply, and privacy settings. The ability to change themes and fonts, etc. This app is safe to use. We cannot find out the danger of malware and viruses. This GB version takes up very little space on the phone. Many features in the new edition updated or changed to improve its quality. Both Android and PC versions of the app work well.

  • Get offical auto-updates
  • Secured Whatsapp web access
  • Unlimited texts and calls
  • Share large files with GBWhatsApp
  • 100% Privacy and safety


Q: Can I obtain a data backup if I wish to make a backup?

A: Yes, you can simply acquire a backup of your app.

Q: Do we require to update this version?

A: It’s not only Rocket Science, but it’s fantastic if you update it.

Q: Is this a secure app?

A: It is true that anybody can download and use GB WhatsApp with total security.

Q: Is an app membership necessary?

A: No, using GB WhatsApp does not incur any monthly expenses. Any features you decide to use are completely free to use.

Q: Can I use Original WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on the same device?

A: Yes. You can use separate phone numbers to use both apps on the same smartphone.

GB WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp APK is a modified version, it comes with unlimited features, like hiding the online status and much more with Download GBWhatsApp.

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Operating System: Android

Application Category: App

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