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The world is changing and advancing every single day. People are looking forward to and expecting more from the developers. The thirst for more is the main reason for fast development on all online platforms. Modernism is the key reason for communication. There are various platforms available online that help people communicate with their dear ones. FMWhatsapp download is the most common communication app., but this application needs a lot of features and is becoming a common platform for people. FMWhatsApp mods are thought through, and this application results from their hard work. The new mod version of WhatsApp allows the user to communicate better.

It enhances the quality of communication through its additional features. The exciting thing about this application is its simple user interface. This app allows the user to connect with others without facing any interruption. The third-party sources are safe to install on your device. You will not face any ban due to notorious activity, which makes it fun to use. The new version is unavailable on the Google store because of unknown sources, so there are various online websites that you can consult to get this app. experience a better way of connecting with your contacts through this online platform and having fun. Keep reading this article to learn more about this application’s pros.

Download FMWhatsApp APK

What is FMWhatsApp APK?

FMWhatsApp is the modified version of the original WhatsApp. There is a range of exciting features present in this version that makes it number one. You can access this app through an online website and install it on your phone to experience the fun it claims in this article. For extra security, you can install anti-virus apps to protect your phone’s activity and privacy. The best part about this application is that it is free to use and download. You don’t have to go through formalities to enjoy the fun features. Don’t worry about your personal information and private chats, as everything is safe with this modified version. User can enhance their communication with others through this exciting FM WhatsApp.

This new version is full of surprises, making it more appealing for the user. You can hide and unhide your last seen and statuses with the new FMWhatsApp Update. Protect your privacy and peace of mind by installing this new version. Share large media files and excess content with your contacts and enjoy the smooth working of this application. You will not face any lag or interruption because of its high-end performance. There are billions of downloads of this app, proving that it is one of the best. Enhance your communication through this online platform and become a part of the modern world. Follow the easy installation steps and enjoy the fun of a better connection through this app.

App NameFMWhatsapp
CategoryApp (WhatsApp)
VersionLatest Version ( January 2023)
Requirement for FMWhatsAppAndroid 5.1 and up
Root RequirementNo Root Required
Last UpdateRecently (A day ago)
Total Downloads8659742
RATING4.5 (41587692)

How to download FM WhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp involves third-party sources, due to which it is not available on the Google play store. Open your browser, search for the APK store, and find this version. You will go to a new page, and a link will appear in front of you. Clicks open the link and press the install button to get this application on your phone. The installation will only proceed if you allow the unknown storage permission on your phone. Locate the download location on the app and wait for the procedure to complete. Please install an anti-virus app for protection. Unknown sources might cause virus issues. Protect your phone and enjoy smooth communication through this exciting application. You can also download the GBWhatsApp App.

Features of FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK has billions of downloads due to its excellent performance and ranking. The features of this new version make this platform the best for all users. The following are the features of this exciting application:


Everything seems better when it is according to your taste and style. The happier you get when you feel contact with something. This exclusive and new version of this community app allows the user to design everything from scratch. The free personalization option allows the user to stay in touch with the platform for longer. There are various options available in this application that makes the user experience the best. It enables the user to change the theme of the app to his favorite color. Change the color of the logo to any shade you want and enjoy. You can install various internet themes and add them to your library. Mark the favorites and get those themes on the top. Customize the app icons, ticks, stickers, and more through this option. The original version of this application does not allow the user to have this much freedom. Everything follows the default settings, which makes it boring for the user.

FMWhatsApp App Download

Enhanced privacy

There are numerous tweaks available for privacy purposes. You can add those options to your new version by enabling them. This feature ensures the privacy and peace of mind of the user. Hide your last seen from the people you want and enjoy. Please scroll down FMWhatsApp App without letting them know about your activity status. You can disable your blue ticks. It gives time to the user to think and reply to the recipient whenever he wants. The contact cannot detect whether you have seen their message or not. If you are an introvert, then this option is best for you. Communicate with the people you want whenever you want and have fun. A third exciting feature of this application is app lock. It enables the user to set a password on his app. no one can access your application when they take your phone. Secure your chats and history by enabling this option.

New features

The most exclusive feature of this new version is that it enables the user to stay private. You don’t have to save a contact to send messages to them. It remembers the connections and allows you to share media and exchange messages with unknown contacts. It enables users to hide their profile pic and status from such communications and still chat with them. The second additional feature of this application is that it allows the user to pin as many chats as up to 100. The original version of this application only lets the user pin 3 talks which might cause inconvenience later. Mark the important discussions and eliminate all irrelevant conversations by availing of this exclusive option. Personalization is one of the best abilities of this new version. You can change the group chat colors and enhance your communication. Give every chat a new color and personalize them according to you.

Better security

There are various deficiencies in the original version. It does not allow the user to protect his privacy from people. The new version allows the user to set a password on the app. this app lock is only available in this new version. You can also lock the chats you want with a password. Now you don’t have to worry if someone takes your phone. The pinning option also secures the user’s chats. Attach all the important conversations to the top and keep track of them. This way, you will get the response and have better communication.

Additional limits

This new version of FMWhatsApp enables the user to send more than 60 images simultaneously. Share 700 MBS files with your contacts without facing any lag problems. Everything is advancing and modernizing in the online world. So to stay in the line of trendsetters, install this application. Experience the fastest way of communication through this app. share various media in one go through this exciting platform. Download this app now to enjoy all the fun this application offers to its users.

Download FMWhatsApp
Download FMWhatsApp

Anti-delete feature

This feature is one of the best among all other parts. Let’s suppose someone sends you a message and deletes it later on. The original version of this application cannot let the user know what the contact has sent. This new version allows the user to see the message even after someone deletes it for them. You can clear your curiosity with this exclusive feature and enjoy reading the news without letting them. Reply to the chats and increase the interest of the sender. It also enables the user to view the deleted stories of the contacts. This anti-delete feature is only available in this version, which does add more fun to the usage.

Theme Library

This application contains a free theme library. You can download various themes from the internet and add them to your gallery. There are multiple options available as well on this platform for free. Customize your FMWhatsApp download with the help of this exclusive feature and have fun. Add different backgrounds to your app and make it complete. Give a premium look to your FMWhatsApp by adding these fun themes to it.


This application is a modified version of the original one. It enables the user to enhance his communication in a more fun way. The additional features make this mod version the best among all the others. Modify your app by adding new and fun features to change. Personalize your performance by changing its themes and colours. You can maximize your privacy with all the additional features available in this app. the best part about this application is that it is free to use. You don’t have to make any payments to access its premium features. Download this application now and have fun and better communication.

People Also Ask About FMWhatsApp (FAQs)

How FMWhatsApp is different from other WhatsApp versions?

This mod version is one of the best because it enhances communication. This app’s stability and high-end performance is the main reason for its fame.

Do we need to install an anti-virus on the device?

Yes, you need to get an anti-virus application for extra protection. This app involves third-party sources, which makes it not dangerous for the user and increases the chance of getting a virus, as our team always checks for security. Download the FMWhatsApp and enhance the protection of your phone.

Is this available for all devices?

FMWhatsApp is available for all Android devices. You can install this application on android version 4.0 and more.

Are the creators of this trustworthy application source?

The creators of this app are one of the most famous ones. The software of this app is free from all malware. You can trust the developers of this app as they promise to maintain your privacy also’ team makes sure that each app is safe to use.

Does it allow pinning various chats?

You can pin 100 chats on this application. The original version allows only 3 conversations to pin. Attach all the important chats on the top and respond to them without delay.

FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp with Amazing Features like hide your Your Last Scene, Hide View Status and much more with Download FMWhatsApp Latest Version.

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